• Respect   
  • Discipline   
  • Sociability
  • Confidence   
  • Leadership   
  • Endurance



Freddy Zuluaga – Master Instructor WTF International Taekwondo Referee Born and raised in Colombia, Master Freddy has engaged in Taekwondo for over 30yrs. He currently holds… More >

You have now taken what could be the first step towards a positive future. Do you want to compete, learn self-defense or just get in shape? We can help you get results. As a bonus, you will meet and make new friends. At Lowell Taekwondo, we teach in a beginner friendly environment, as well as keep things safe and none intimidating. We are dedicated towards self-improvement. Whether mental or physical, we are here to help overcome those obstacles. The main goal in Taekwondo practice is to achieve total mind and body control. At our school, we use discipline as the main tool to reach this goal. Without discipline, there is no Taekwondo. With our qualified instructors and a Master who has all the leadership credentials required, we are confident that we will help you reach your goal. Lowell Taekwondo is a USTU and WTF member. This allows proper certification upon receiving the 1st Dan black belt. In addition, certified students are eligible for the Olympics, if indeed this is their goal. Lowell Taekwondo is also the best place for kids. Bring your son or daughter for a free class, then judge for yourself.

Taekwondo was originally aimed towards self defense and the preservation of peace. Today, it has become much more than that, especially in the United States. Although some still seek it for self defense purposes, others are looking to become better fit, some enjoy competition and therefore, aim their sights at the Olympic Gold Medal. Taekwondo became an official sport of the Olympics in 2000. And, some just want to have fun and socialize while learning something new. Whatever the reason for wanting to train in Taekwondo, you will be surrounded by people who share the same enthusiasm as you. With our proven methods of instructing, you will learn the art of self defense in a safe, non-intimidating and fun atmosphere. We also provide a wide range of exciting benefits for students of all ages.

• Improved concentration for more efficient work and study habits
• Stress reduction and increased levels of relaxation for a longer, healthier sleep.
• The peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are able to protect yourself and your family.
• Increased confidence and self discipline to develop a positive attitude.

• Improving reflexes and coordination increases physical performance.
• Increased strength and stamina to make you feel great all day.
• Increased flexibility and weight control for better overall fitness.
• Great cardiovascular workout keeps you in good shape.

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