Breaking Criteria

Creative Kyukpa (breaking) Guidelines:

A.     Competitors must be current U.S. Taekwondo   Competitor
B.     Competitors can choose the kind of techniques and number of boards to break.
C.    The maximum set-up time is 1 minute,
D.    The maximum time to complete the performance is 1 minute.
E.    The maximum number of tries is two (2) times.
F.    The performance must be done within the WTF regulated ring size
        (10m x 10m).
G.    All boards for breaking must be 12 inch by 10 inch, 3/4 inch thick pine. The organizing Committee will supply the boards. Competitors must provide their own holders.

Judging Criteria:

A.    Difficulty:
1.    Difficulty of Technique will be based on the following order of superiority (in ascending order).
       a)        Hand technique
       b)        Standing kick technique
       c)        Jump kick technique
       d)        Kicking technique with spinning motion
       e)        Jump kick with spinning motion
        f)        Multiple breaking jump kick
       g)        Multiple spinning jump kick

2.    Difficulty of Breaking will be based on the number of boards.
       a)        Number of boards held at one time.
       b)        Total number of boards in the performance.

B.    Technique will be based on accuracy, speed and power.
       1. Accuracy: breaking at the first attempt is superior to breaking at the second attempt and breaking at the center is superior to breaking off center.

       2. Speed: suspended holding is superior to fixed holding and a competitor who executes more techniques with less time is superior to a competitor who executes less techniques in longer time.

       3. Power: higher number of boards broken is superior to the lower number of boards broken.

Presentation is based on Balance, Rhythm and Manner. Competitor balance, rhythm and good manner from entrance to completion of the performance is superior to competitor without balance, rhythm and manner.