Black Belts

Le1st DAN Black Belt
Leticia Jaquez

I began training in Taekwondo at age 8. I have since, achieved my 1st Dan Black Belt and I am currently a candidate for 2nd Dan. As a competitor I have won nine gold medals and many silver and bronze. Taekwondo has affected my life in many ways. First and foremost, my shyness has become virtually non-existent and I have made many friends that are a positive influence in my life. My physical endurance as well as my flexibility and balance are also benefits that I can attribute to Taekwondo. As a 2nd Dan Black Belt I plan on improving my jumping, kicking, expand my creative poomse and sparring techniques, so that I can achieve more gold medals at tournaments. Due to my positive experience in Taekwondo, I would highly recommend it to others.